Safe Driving School

Company Profile

Driving Academy is Greece's most advanced and integrated safe, technical and racing driving school.

Our vision is to contribute to the new generation of drivers, who must have a proper perception, excellent driving and mechanical knowledge. They must be able to evaluate correctly each time the road condition and be aware of the potential of the vehicle that they drive.

Drivers who show off behavior that encourages safety and road culture but also can enjoy the pleasure of driving when the conditions allow it.

The experience and the transmissibility of our instructors, our passion, our infrastructures but also our state of the art methodology are the factors that guarantee the success.

Proper driving is our initial goal. Safe driver is by no means the slow and scared driver. Is the one with knowledge, capable of dealing each moment with the needs that occur.

Driving is a complex procedure that needs a versatile and modern approach in the information given, but also advanced and targeted practice.

We offer seminar for all kinds of drivers:

For the novice driver, who wants to commute safely in the town to the enthusiastic one whose passion is quick cars and from the adult, who wants to be prepared for the many road traps to the racer whose looking for the millisecond in the track or the rally stages.

Our seminars can deliver to you the correct mentality and provide to you all the elements of what we call proper, safe and fun driving.

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