Safe Driving School


Our facilities, in Markopoulo Park, formerly the Hippodrome of Athens - an Olympic facility built in 2004 - are 35 acres in size. It is the only Center for Road Safety and safe driving that is designed according to European standards and safety measures. It has many different modules - training areas each specific for different exercises. Its unique feature is the electronically controlled underground asphalt wetting system. With over 70 special underground injectors, we can wet each module separately or choose to switch from dry to wet asphalt. With a water thickness of over 3mm we can accurately simulate slippery and dangerous conditions. We also have modern speed, time and driving recording systems, so that we have the greatest reliability and data in exercises and training.

Our facilities have:

  • Air-conditioned conference room of 110 m2, capacity of 35 people with HD projector and 106 inch screen, complete sound system with wireless hand microphones, laptop with presenter & amp? laser pointer, secretarial support and waiting room. It also has a catering area, a Simulation corner with a sophisticated driving simulator and free Wifi.
  • Covered outdoor area of 500 m2 for presentations, model and product demonstrations, larger outdoor events and waiting area.
  • Outdoor closed area in the pit area right next to the practice area. It has air conditioning, heating, exercise equipment control and AV media.
  • Changing rooms with lockers, showers and toilets for 3 people. We also have full support for the disabled.
  • The central part of the Road Safety Center is the specially designed outdoor space that allows the practice of all driving exercises.

The center is exclusively designed for the best training of the participants and has:

  1. MODULE 1: 4 lanes 3.75 m wide and over 200 m long. The lanes can be with dry or wet asphalt, in total or by 2. In this Module we perform exercises such as: Panic braking, Braking with a change of direction, Sudden lane change, obstacle avoidance, slalom, moose test, acceleration and braking test, j turn, 360 maneuver, double change of direction, etc. We also train in modern safety and driver assistance systems, such as emergency assist, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, emergency assist.
  2. MODULE 2: SKIDPAD AREA. Specially designed area including 2 grip circles 22 meters wide. With a choice of dry or wet road surface, it is the area where we train the main car dynamics and cat control exercises. The main exercises we do are: Understeer, Oversteer, Braking in the turn, Control in opposite turns, figure of 8 drift, initiation drist exercises, parkour, traction cycle test, etc.
  3. MODULE 3 : Parkour & handling course Route with a choice of 6 alternative routes up to 600 meters long. In this route we can train driving in bends of different difficulty, correct braking, line selection, Line of vision, etc. It can be on wet or dry asphalt, while the mixed route with dry and wet and frequent changes of grip is also very demanding.
  4. MODULE 4: Drift course. Multi-track area, on a wet surface. The 5 different routes are ideal to introduce both beginners to the magical world of drifting and to satisfy advanced drivers. They are also suitable for learning drift and twin drift racing techniques.
  5. MODULE 5: Area where we learn the steering techniques.
  6. Parking for 300 cars for visitors. Our facilities have comfortable and safe parking for more than 300 cars.

In the center we also have: 60 radios for the seminars. 250 special rubber pads so that the cars are not injured during contact with them. 2 speed recording radar systems with large display. Wireless system with photocells and screen where it measures time and speed on the modules. 3 speed, acceleration and driving quality recording systems that go inside the cars. Laser distance sensor for precision measurements. 20 onboard cameras to record drivers.

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